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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Theravent™?

Theravent Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy is a clinically proven snoring therapy, used nightly, that can give you back the quiet sleep you’ve been waiting for.

How does Theravent work?

Patented MicroValve Technology uses the power of your own breathing to create Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP). This gentle pressure naturally opens your nasal airway to target and treat snoring. The valves are set in an adhesive that you place over your nostrils right before sleep. You will breathe in normally and then feel a gentle resistance as you breathe out. This is the MicroValves beginning to work.

How do I update or cancel an order?

If you would like to update your shipment frequency or cancel your order please call Customer Service at 1-855-265-7667. You can also send an email with your order details to to update or cancel.

Need Help? If you are having any challenges getting used to or using Theravent, please call, chat or email us and we can help! We’ve helped thousands of customers get a quieter night of sleep and we can help you too.

Call: 1-888-SLP-WELL


Is Theravent effective for snoring associated with sleep apnea?

Theravent is not intended to treat sleep apnea. Please see your doctor if you think you may have sleep apnea. Theravent, Inc., the maker of Theravent, also offers Provent® Sleep Apnea Therapy, which is indicated to treat obstructive sleep apnea.

How is Theravent different from nasal strips like Breathe Right?

Nasal strips are placed on top of your nose and help dilate your nostrils, reducing congestion. Theravent uses the power of your own breathing to create pressure that opens and supports your nasal airways.

How long does Theravent take to get used to?

Give yourself at least a week to get used to the feeling of Theravent. Some people may get used to the therapy in one night; for others it may take up to a week. But you will soon find that you get used to the new routine.

How do I apply Theravent?

REMOVE: Peel paper backing to expose the adhesive.

ALIGN: Using a mirror, center the device so that both nostrils are completely covered by the mesh area.

APPLY: Place the device so that it completely covers both nostrils. Gently press the adhesive down against your nose to create a seal between the device and your nostrils.

CHECK THE SEAL: Make sure the device is sealed around your nose with no wrinkles or gaps, since these can create air leaks. Air leaks reduce the effectiveness of the device.


If you are having trouble breathing in, remove the device and reapply.

You should feel resistance when you breathe out through your nose with your mouth closed. This means the device is applied properly. You can check the device by plugging the center hole in the device with your finger and gently breathing out. If the device is sealed, you should not feel air escaping around the adhesive. If you have an air leak around the adhesive, gently press down around the adhesive. Once you have a proper seal, breathe in and out through your mouth until you fall asleep. You should naturally switch to nasal breathing and your snoring should be treated. If a leak persists, remove device and reapply.

Make sure the area around your nostrils is clean, dry, and free of lotion.

Use a mirror to apply the device.

Users may require several nights to feel comfortable when wearing the device.

After use, remove the device by gently peeling the adhesive off each nostril. For sensitive skin, remove the device with warm water or while in the shower.

Apply the device just before you are ready to go to sleep.

When should I put on Theravent?

You should apply Theravent just before going to sleep.

Can I use a Theravent device for more than one night?

No, each Theravent is a single-use device.

Why does it feel strange to breathe out? It seems like I can’t get all the air out of my lungs.

Theravent works by creating Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP) in your airway. This is the pressure you feel.

Does Theravent contain latex?

No, Theravent does not contain latex, but may be manufactured on machines that process latex products.

When Not to Use Theravent?

Please Read Before Using:

The safety and efficacy of Theravent has not been established for pregnant women or children under 18.

Please do not use Theravent if you have:

A cold, sinus, or ear infection, or perforated eardrum

Severe breathing problems (including asthma or emphysema)

Severe heart problems

Very low blood pressure

Stop Using Theravent and Contact a Doctor if you:

Experience an allergic reaction to the device

Are unable to breathe through your mouth

Develop a nasal, sinus, or ear infection or discomfort

Develop a severe nose bleed

Develop skin or mucosal irritation, rash, sores, or other discomfort

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How Does Theravent Work?

Advanced Science Delivers the Quiet Night’s Sleep You’ve Been Waiting For

If you’ve been searching for a solution to snoring, Theravent™ Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy can offer relief. Theravent is a revolutionary new treatment that uses the power of your own breathing to reduce or eliminate snoring.

What causes snoring?

Your throat is like a small wind tunnel. In some people, this tunnel partially closes during sleep. This forces the air you breathe to move more quickly through this tunnel and makes the soft tissues of your throat vibrate. That vibration causes the noise we know as snoring.

Patented MicroValve Technology Uses Your Breathing to Open the Airway

Unlike other snoring solutions, Theravent uses the power of your own breathing to create expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) to target and treat snoring. Until recently, this breakthrough technology was available only by prescription.

Here is how it works: Theravent fits gently over your nostrils. As you breathe in, Theravent’s patented MicroValve Technology opens, allowing you to breathe in normally. Then, as you breathe out, the MicroValves close to create a gentle pressure that naturally opens your airway and relieves snoring.

In clinical studies, 79% of bed partners reported that Theravent quieted their partner’s snoring.

Developed by Sleep Experts to Stop Snoring

Theravent is made by Theravent, Inc., a medical device company dedicated to solving sleep-disordered breathing. Theravent, Inc. also offers a prescription-only treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea with its Provent® Sleep Apnea Therapy which has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Good Morning America.

How to Use

Just a few steps to a quiet night’s sleep.

Apply Theravent™ Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy just before going to sleep. Make sure the area around your nostrils is clean, dry, and free of lotion.

Step One

Peel paper backing to expose the adhesive.

Step Two

Using a mirror, center the device so that both nostrils are completely covered by the mesh area. Gently press the adhesive down against your nose to create a seal.

Step Three

Breathe in and out of your mouth for maximum comfort until you fall asleep. Once you fall asleep, you should naturally switch to breathing through your nose.


Carlos F – “It gives me peace of mind…”

I gained a lot of weight the last few years so my snoring got a little bit louder. In the middle of the night my wife would butt me or she would shake the bed or she would do something just to wake me up or turnover. She was grumpy in the morning.

Kristen Stopped the Snoring For Her Boyfriend!

I have been snoring off and on for my entire life. I am now 27 years old, and in the last 6 months my snoring has gotten really aggressive. So aggressive, in fact, that my boyfriend has resorted to sleeping in our guest bedroom on nights that are especially bad. I’m not going to lie; it is incredibly embarrassing as a young female to struggle with snoring. Thanks to Theravent, I am no longer embarrassed and do not have to worry about waking others or myself during the night. I stopped the snoring.

Rick tried everything to stop snoring, but Theravent works … it just works.

My girlfriend was having problems sleeping through the night with me and I had…they call it snoring surgery…UPPP which is Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, where they go in and hack away your uvular your soft pharynx. It is incredibly painful. It mitigated the problem to a degree for a while but the solution was transient and eventually you know I am back where I started, I tried every possible solutions.

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