Just a few steps
To a Quiet Night’s Sleep.
Apply Theravent™ Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy just before going to sleep. Make sure the area around your nostrils is clean, dry, and free of lotion.

Step One
Peel paper backing to expose the adhesive.

Step Two
Center & Apply
Using a mirror, center the device so that both nostrils are completely covered by the mesh area. Gently press the adhesive down against your nose to create a seal.

Step Three
Breathe in and out of your mouth for maximum comfort until you fall asleep. Once you fall asleep, you should naturally switch to breathing through your nose.

Getting Used to Theravent

Give yourself up to a week to get used to the feeling of Theravent. Some people may adjust to the therapy in one night; for others it may take more time. If you wake up feeling uncomfortable, simply remove Theravent and use a fresh device the next night.

Call our sleep specialists toll-free at 855-265-7667 if you need help getting the best experience.

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