INFOGRAPHIC: How To Use Theravent

Posted on: October 10th 2016 | Posted by: | Infographics

Theravent’s EPAP technology is as unique as it is effective. So just like when you get a new smart phone or computer, new technology sometimes requires a bit of an explanation to make sure you’re using it right. Luckily, there’s really no difficult trick to learning how to use Theravent. All you have to do is breathe. Take […]

Theravent Just Exceeded 5 Million Nights!

Posted on: September 1st 2016 | Posted by: | Press Release

Not only is Theravent® now available in over 5,000 CVS Pharmacies across the country, but we have also exceeded 5 million nights of quiet sleep! Our noninvasive snoring aid utilizes EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure) technology to treat all levels of snoring from light to heavy. Approximately 50 Million Americans Suffer From Snoring This number doesn’t […]

Getting theravent Just Became That Much Easier!

Posted on: August 22nd 2016 | Posted by: | Press Release

We are excited to announce that Theravent® is now available in over 5,000 CVS Pharmacies across the country! Previously, Theravent was only available in select CVS stores in Southern California, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa as well as online at Now, this over-the-counter device is available nationwide. Not in the US? No problem. Theravent is also available […]

Can You Sleep Your Way to a Healthier/Happier Life?

Posted on: July 26th 2016 | Posted by: | News

Don’t we all want that secret to a great night’s sleep? That good, quality sleep where you wake up feeling happy, healthy, refreshed, and ready to tackle the day? What if we told you that you could learn directly from sleep professionals on ways to easily improve your sleep quality? We’ve teamed up with Health […]

Theravent Spring Break Survival Guide

Posted on: March 22nd 2016 | Posted by: | Snoring Solutions

  Spring Break is quickly approaching! That means that warm weather, beaches, cruises, and fun vacations are only weeks away. Flights are booked and hotel rooms are reserved, but are you sure you’re not forgetting something? We’ve got you covered. Let our Spring Break Survival Guide help you through the only bad part about vacationing: […]

Serious Satisfaction From 5 Simple Snoring Solutions

Posted on: February 9th 2016 | Posted by: | Infographics

Seriously. Just keep reading… C’mon, guys. It’s 2016. It’s time to stop snoring. Everyone has experienced the chainsaw-esque sound that is snoring. And maybe it’s even been kind of cute from time to time… we’ve all seen that video of the dad scaring the baby, right? But let’s be real, snoring that lasts longer than […]

Double Jeopardy: Suffering from Sleep Disorders and Anxiety

Posted on: January 15th 2016 | Posted by: | Snoring Research

Losing sleep due to sleep disorders such as snoring, sleep apnea or insomnia is tough enough as it is; how does someone cope with these problems when they’re coupled with or exacerbated by anxiety? Studies have shown that there is a correlation between anxiety and sleep disorders, regardless of gender. Below are a few statistics: […]

Snoring Recommendations from a Physician’s Point of View

Posted on: January 4th 2016 | Posted by: | Snoring Solutions

  Theravent was created in 2012, becoming the first and only nasal EPAP snoring technology approved by the FDA. Since 2012, over 2 million quiet nights have been delivered to many households allowing for peaceful nights to return once again. However, we wanted to hear the opinions of experts out there who might not be as […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Snoring Made Easy

Posted on: November 23rd 2015 | Posted by: | Infographics

Theravent , a clinically shown snoring solution, uses the power of your own breathing to create expiratory positive airway pressure, or EPAP, to reduce and eliminate snoring. Our patented MicroValve Technology is minimally invasive, comfortable, and easy to use. Now you and your bed partner can have a peaceful night of sleep again with Theravent. Embed […]

And the Winner is…

Posted on: October 13th 2015 | Posted by: | Theravent News

Congratulations to Alison Harris on winning the first ever social media sweepstakes and receiving a free year’s supply of Theravent. Thank you to everyone who participated! Be on the lookout for our next social media contest! Stay engaged because we will be offering exclusive deals and promotions through our social media. Be on the lookout […]

Stop Snoring for Free!

Posted on: September 28th 2015 | Posted by: | Theravent News

What would you think if someone said that you could have an entire year of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep…for free? Impossible, right? Wrong! Win a Year’s Supply of Theravent in just 2 simple steps We are happy to announce our first ever social media sweepstakes to win a year supply of Theravent! With a year’s supply of […]

Your Snoring Solution Just Got Easier with CVS

Posted on: August 17th 2015 | Posted by: | Theravent News

A simple snoring solution that works and I can pick it up at my local drug store… I wish! Sound to good to be true, right? We are pleased to announce as of September 1st, Theravent will be available in select CVS stores as well as on Some select locations include Southern California, Indiana, […]

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