Discovering EPAP

If you struggle with snoring, chances are you have tried a number of different snoring solutions in an attempt to regain a peaceful night’s sleep. One technology you may have come across is EPAP, or expiratory positive airway pressure. Put very simply, EPAP is pressure created during exhalation that stabilizes the upper airway, reducing snoring. Many people’s snoring is caused by air rushing across lax throat tissues. When this happens, small vibrations occur, causing the noise we commonly refer to as snoring. EPAP creates a gentle, positive pressure within the sleeper’s throat, keeping the airway more open and free from obstruction.


Does EPAP Really Work?

Theravent, a clinically-shown snoring solution, creates EPAP in your airway through the use of its patented MicroValve Technology. This technology creates expiratory positive airway pressure by harnessing the power of the user’s own breathe. Worn across the nostrils, Theravent creates minor resistance during exhalation, which creates a light pressure inside the airway and assists in keeping the airway open. Although they sound similar, EPAP is different from CPAP in that it does not force air into your throat, causing stomach pain and discomfort. EPAP is a much gentler, natural alternative that uses your own breath.


How Can I Try My Theravent Options?

If you are a long-time sufferer of snoring, you have probably tried many so-called stop-snoring solutions, all to no avail. Not only do they not alleviate snoring, they are pricey and uncomfortable. Finally, Theravent can offer a solution that is both effective and affordable. One of the best things about Theravent, besides the fact that it works, is that the makers of Theravent understand that not all snorers are the same.

Theravent offers something for every type of snorer with their LITE, REGULAR, and MAX product offerings. LITE offers half the EPAP resistance of REGULAR for lighter snorers, while MAX uses twice the resistance for loud, heavy snorers. If you’re not sure which strength is right for you, Theravent now offers a trial pack to help you discover your best fit. Order Theravent today to take one giant leap towards a good night’s sleep.


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