What's the difference between Theravent LITE and Theravent MAX?

Theravent LITE is for lite-to-moderate snorers. Theravent MAX is for loud or heavy snorers.

The two new strengths of Theravent still leverage the same technology, nasal EPAP, as the original Theravent. Theravent lite is a device with roughly half the resistance as the original strength, designed to maximize comfort and snoring reduction. Some people find the original strength to be more pressure than they are comfortable with. We recently completed research with consumers who were unable to tolerate the original strength due to discomfort. -- [ Watch the video for the full answer ]

What is the difference between Provent Sleep Therapy and Theravent Sleep Therapy?

Theravent is an FDA-cleared snoring reduction device. Provent is a FDA-cleared Obstructive Sleep Apnea treatment device.

First and foremost, Provent is FDA cleared for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, OSA. OSA is a very serious condition with significant health risks. If you know or suspect you have OSA, you should work with your doctor to determine the best treatment for your condition. Theravent is a lower resistance version of Provent and is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of primary snoring. There are millions of people who snore intermittently or consistently through the night and Theravent is a great option for them and their bed partners, potentially suffering from hours of sleeplessness.

How do I get use to sleeping with this device?

It may take some time to get use to Theravent. Your body will adjust and comfort will increase within a few nights.

Most important when getting use to sleeping with Theravent is give it time and be committed. The first night will be a little challenging, but it will improve. It's also important to maintain consistency. Sleeping with the device multiple nights in a row, will help you get through the learning curve very quickly.

How do I apply the Theravent device?

Watch the video for the full demonstration of the answer.

Step one: wash and dry your nose completely ... remove the oils and lotions from your nose. Second, you want to make sure that you have a good surface area to apply the device to ... so roll your top lip over your teeth, similar to making a “monkey face.” At that point, you want to seal the device to your nose. Check around the base of your nose, that's typically where we see folks not getting a good seal. As you breathe in and then exhale, you'll hear the device and you should feel the pressure in the upper airway. Keep in mind, the more you breathe in the harder it will be to breathe out. It's as simple as that ... after a few nights you'll be able to do this at your night stand without any challenges. [Watch the video for the full demonstration of the answer]

Why is it hard to breathe out when I’m first wearing Theravent?

Theravent uses nasal-EPAP to reduce or eliminate snoring.

Theravent significantly reduces or eliminates snoring by harnessing the power of your own breathing to create EPAP. EPAP is Exploratory Positive Airway Pressure. It's essentially back pressure that stabilizes the upper airway, eliminating vibration, which eliminates those snoring noises. This concept was first clinically-shown in 1983 by Mahadevia and associates using heat valves ... and was first commercially available through the prescription device, Provent for sleep apnea. Theravent was launched in 2012 at a lower resistance, cleared by the FDA to treat primary snoring. Both devices have been studied extensively in clinical research and have both been shown to either reduce snoring ... or in Provent's case, reduce snoring and eliminate apnea.

What if I breathe through my mouth at night?

Theravent uses the power of your own breathing to create expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) to reduce snoring.

Theravent is designed to work by creating pressure originating at the tip of your nose, so if you strictly breathe through your mouth, you will bypass how it works. However, over 95% of people breathe through their nose, as we are all hard wired to breathe through our nose. Some people have added chinstraps to their treatment regimen, while others have found that sleeping on their side helps them to eliminate the mouth venting during the night. -- [ Watch the video for the full answer ]

Why is it hard to breathe out while wearing Theravent?

Watch the video for the full demonstration of the answer.

Some people may initially find that it's hard to breath out, or exhale, while wearing an EPAP device. The good news is this actually means the device is working. Theravent is designed to create gentle pressure when you exhale. This gentle pressure is what stabilizes the upper airway, minimizing the vibrations, which are the source of snoring. By eliminating the vibrations, you eliminate snoring all with this little device. The second piece of good news is the feeling of pressure is transient and over time you’ll adjust to this feeling of pressure. Some key tips for you as you're getting started. -- [ Watch the video for the full answer and more tips ]

How does the Quiet Nights Loyalty Program work?

Loyalty club members pay less for Theravent and receive free auto-shipping.

We offer a number of choices for new and existing customers to purchase Theravent. If you are looking for free shipping, enroll in a continuous delivery program and never worry about going a night without Theravent. If you like to pay as you go, we offer bulk discounts and a range of quantity options. We’ve tried to make as many options as possible for our customers so they can customize the right order for their needs.

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