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Patented MicroValve Technology targets and treats snoring the first night.

When you breathe in, special MicroValves open.

When you breathe out, the MicroValves partially close, creating a gentle pressure that opens the airway.


Advanced Science Delivers the Quiet Night’s Sleep You’ve Been Waiting For

If you’ve been searching for a solution to snoring, Theravent® Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy can offer relief. Theravent is a revolutionary new treatment that uses the power of your own breathing to reduce or eliminate snoring.


What causes snoring?

The causes of snoring vary from person to person, but Theravent targets the primary cause which is vibration in the airway. Your throat is like a small wind tunnel. In some people, this tunnel partially closes during sleep. When this occurs, air is forced through the tunnel more quickly causing the soft tissues of your throat vibrate resulting in the noise we know as snoring.

Patented MicroValve Technology Uses Your Breathing to Open the Airway

Unlike other snoring solutions, Theravent uses the power of your own breathing to create expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) to target and treat snoring. Until recently, this breakthrough technology was available only by prescription.

Here is how it works: Theravent fits gently over your nostrils. As you breathe in, Theravent’s patented MicroValve Technology opens, allowing you to breathe in normally. Then, as you breathe out, the MicroValves close to create a gentle pressure that naturally opens your airway and relieves snoring.

In clinical studies, 79% of bed partners reported that Theravent quieted their partner’s snoring.


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