What Do Physicians Recommend for Snoring?

When trying to put snoring to rest for good, it sometimes feels like you should try any and every option. But before trying any snoring solution, it’s always best to first talk to a medical professional about your options. We reached out to physicians in the realm of general medicine, sleep medicine and ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists and gathered their expert opinions on the best snoring remedies and solutions that will give you a quiet night of sleep. Out of the 42 physicians who responded, more than half have at least 15 years of experience treating snoring or snoring-related issues.

Our survey results found that most physicians suggest consulting with a qualified medical professional as a precautionary measure before proceeding with a snoring aid. It is important to ensure that you are properly diagnosed so that you can find the appropriate solution. There are a number of different snoring treatment options available, and determining each individual’s cause of snoring is important.

Snoring Affects Everyone

Snoring has become one of the most common breathing-related sleep disorders, affecting more than 90 million Americans, according to the National Sleep Foundation. This statistic doesn’t include the number of bed partners, roommates and family members who also suffer and don’t get a peaceful night of sleep. There are a number of different options to treat snoring, ranging from non-invasive treatments such as losing weight or trying Theravent®, to more invasive treatments like surgery.

The Snoring Solution Recommended by Physicians

Almost all of the physicians suggested losing weight as a common non-invasive solution to relieve snoring, and many think it’s a good idea to first see a physician before choosing a snoring aid. 81 percent of physicians said that using a CPAP device should only be considered after consulting with a physician, because it is a more extreme measure than over-the-counter mouthpieces and nasal strips, unless you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea.

The second most common recommendation to treat snoring was using EPAP technology. 74 percent of the physicians felt that an EPAP device like Theravent® would be a good snoring solution. Other options included nasal decongestants, oral appliances, nasal strips and, in some cases, surgery. We’ve recapped some of our survey findings in the infographic below.

The Theravent® Snore Therapy Solution

Theravent® was created in 2012, becoming the first and only nasal EPAP snoring technology approved by the FDA. Since then, over 2 million quiet nights have been delivered to many households, allowing for peaceful nights to return once again. However, we wanted to hear the opinions of experts out there who might not be as familiar with our product.

Theravent® offers a natural way to stop snoring by using the power of your own breathing to eliminate the vibrations in your throat that cause you to make the snoring sound.

We’d like to thank the following physicians for not only participating but also allowing us to credit them for their contribution to our survey. Some of those that were involved included:

Lawrence Chiaramonte M.D.
Josh Werber M.D.
Ronald A Popper M.D., FCCP, FAASM, DABSM