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Posted on: September 9th 2013 | Posted by: | Snoring Solutions

Snoring feels like a complicated issue because there are so many causes and so many remedies to treat snoring, but the physical reason you snore is really pretty simple. You snore because of vibration toward the back of your tongue or at your uvula. In order to stop snoring you have to treat the vibration and not much helps do that directly.

You can lessen snoring by making other adjustments to your lifestyle. If you’re obese, losing weight can quiet things down. You can finally quit smoking and make a conscientious effort to stop drinking closer to bedtime if either of those things are a part of your life. You can even condition your body to sleep on its side, the ideal position for a quieter night’s sleep. All of these changes can lessen your snoring and have an added benefit in some cases of improving your overall health, but they don’t act on your airway so they might not be enough.

Surgery for snoring and mechanical approaches (like a CPAP machine) do address the airway issue but sit on the more extreme side of snoring therapies and just might not be right for you if you’re only a moderate snorer, so where do you go to find a therapy that will keep your airway open?

Nasal strips for snoring might look appealing and they can work for some people but they don’t actually address the core issue of snoring. Nasal strips expand the airway in your nose only, they’re not keeping an open passageway all the way down to where the vibrations are actually happening.

This might feel like a research paper to you and I could probably write one after all the searching I did online when I finally decided to figure out a solution to my snoring problem. Nothing was making a big enough impact to quiet my snoring so I decided to look into everything. The answer to my snoring problem didn’t come from the options above, but rather from the discovery of Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP.) This is the science behind a snore therapy called Theravent which uses my own breathing to expand my airway and really quiet my snoring. This therapy met all my needs: it works, it’s an over-the-counter remedy, I can order it online, and it’s inexpensive and easy-to-use. As overwhelming as all my options were out there to help me stop snoring, it was so comforting to come across a product that really took care of the problem in a simple way. One strip fits over my nostrils and the science starts working as soon as I fall asleep. No more snores bounce off the walls at night disturbing my whole family and we’re all thankful for that.


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