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I have been snoring off and on for my entire life. I am now 27 years old, and in the last 6 months my snoring has gotten really aggressive. So aggressive, in fact, that my boyfriend has resorted to ... Read More

Kristen T.

I am happy to share with you my story of use of Theravent. My wife and I have been married for 53 years and have been sleeping together all of those years. That string was in jeopardy because of my ... Read More


I tried the current version of Theravent and have had really good results. I currently receive Theravent monthly, so I was given the opportunity to test a new version. I was very pleased with the ... Read More


As a sleep physician, sleep apnea is our main diagnosis. Of my patients, 75 percent of them will have apnea. If I see a patient and they snore, but do not have apnea, I would go over all of the ... Read More

Dr. Glenn Adams

Jim W: Before Theravent my wife was always poking me in the middle of the night, well I sort of got used to the nudging and I would roll over and I would seem to make things work out but she was ... Read More


Carlos F: I gained a lot of weight the last few years so my snoring got a little bit louder. In the middle of the night my wife would butt me or she would shake the bed or she would do something just ... Read More

Carlos F

Kristy: We have been struggling with his snoring for quite some time now. Within an hour of Bill going to sleep I was getting up and sleeping in another room, we were having many conversations in the ... Read More

Bill & Kristy

Rick N: My girlfriend was having problems sleeping through the night with me and I had…they call it snoring surgery…UPPP which is Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, where they go in and hack away ... Read More

Rick N

Additional Testimonials


“I’ve been using Theravent for three weeks and it’s working so well that I just ordered 2 more months. My husband says it’s working. The result for me is that my sleep feels ... Read More

Suzanne G. Milford, CT

“Results for me were the first night. It stopped! It took me a day or two to get used to breathing with it, but now I wear it while I’m reading in bed and I hardly notice it is there. It ... Read More

Jim W. Los Angeles, CA

“It has made a huge, huge difference. It’s so great not to interrupt my partner. On the first usage there was a transformation. I’d tell others to look at the science. Look at the ... Read More

Alex C. London, UK

I was heavily involved on the Provent side. I did some of the original research on EPAP and felt very strongly that Provent was a good product, and as an extension of that, Theravent was a good ... Read More

Dr. Ronald Popper

My husband uses Theravent and it has worked really well for us. In the past three years or so, his snoring has gotten much worse. We’ve tried everything, including nasal strips, a humidifier, ... Read More

Liz K.

I had read a National Sleep Foundation survey which found that nearly one in four couples in the United States sleeps in separate bedrooms, a number that has more than doubled in just the last few ... Read More

Julie C

“I’ve tried Provent before, and even though it’s meant for sleep apnea patients, it stopped my snoring. I was glad to hear that I could get a similar product over-the-counter because Provent ... Read More

Bill D

I just had to write and thank you for Theravent. I am so happy to have found it. I can honestly say it has changed my life. I am finally getting a good night’s sleep free of snoring plus I have ... Read More

Barbara A

We had reached the point where we were going to have to give up traveling together. Then we found Theravent it was like a God send! – Cliff and Mari ... Read More

Cliff and Mari

My husband of 26 years has been snoring for years. He tried everything and nothing helped. He found Theravent and now I can finally sleep. It has helped him sleep better and have more productive days ... Read More

Mrs. Jagels

I had a sleep study done several months ago and, though I have some apnea symptoms (snoring, daytime sleepiness, morning headaches) it wasn’t enough to warrant use of a CPAP. The doctor recommended ... Read More

Robert J.

I had been snoring for years, but it wasn’t due to sleep apnea. I didn’t realize I wasn’t resting as well as I could be, but the snoring was ruining my wife’s sleep. My snoring was waking her ... Read More


I had tried many other products, some with the complications of a prescription with no insurance coverage. Theravent to the rescue! just after a few nights of using Theravent I became more rested and ... Read More


Using Theravent is easy and convenient. My wife is thrilled that I use this product, and is also thrilled that Theravent Max will soon be available. If I forget to put on Theravent before I go to ... Read More


I did not know that I snored until I started living with someone. At first I thought he was just teasing me. He soon tired of earplugs. I tried all kinds of methods including a mouth piece, neck ... Read More


I’ve always snored but it didn’t bother my wife until she started taking medication that wakes her up at night. It would take her over an hour to fall back asleep due to my snoring and in ... Read More


I’ve tried the Z-Quiet Mouthpiece. I’ve tried another, more expensive version of the same. I’ve tried Breath-Right Nose Strips. I’ve even undergone “radiofrequency tongue ... Read More


I have tried it all! Nose clips, throat sprays, mouth pieces that you mold in boiling water, chin strips and more! Nothing ever eliminated my snoring until I found Theravent. I have been using ... Read More


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