Bill tried several snoring products to stop his snoring – none worked – but Theravent did. Read his testimonial.

“I’ve tried Provent before, and even though it’s meant for sleep apnea patients, it stopped my snoring. I was glad to hear that I could get a similar product over-the-counter because Provent is only available by prescription. Before Theravent, I tried nasal strips, the spray and mouth guards. None of them took care of the problem. The only challenge I’ve had with Theravent is making sure that it’s put on correctly. It has to be pretty precise, but when it’s on right it works well. The products that you buy at the drug store – they don’t work. This product, just like Provent, it works. Even on the first or second night that I used it, it was making a difference. It’s inexpensive, low-risk and worth it.”

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