Bill & Kristy – “She’s happy, I’m happy…”

Kristy: We have been struggling with his snoring for quite some time now. Within an hour of Bill going to sleep I was getting up and sleeping in another room, we were having many conversations in the morning.

Bill: I have tried everything from the strips on the nose, gone to the dentist recommended to me the spray for your nose, even tried a snoring pillow never worked and came across Theravent just during a web search.

Kristy: Night he first started using it, his snoring stopped completely I am literally in bed right now waking up beside him, it has affected our relationship in a very positive way.

Bill: There is no arguing and you know, has her in bed every night which helps our relationship. I just feel overall in a better nice rest when it comes to the next morning.

Kristy: I am actually getting sleep so when I go to bed I wake up in the morning and find myself in the same position so it is perfect.

Bill: I recommend Theravent simply reason being it works, it is effective and it works she is happy, I am happy which means everyone in our households is happy.

Theravent Review, Bill and Kristy

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