Carlos F.

When I sleep better at night, I’m more energized for the day!CARLOS F.

I didn’t need an expert to tell me that my nightly snoring was affecting my daily life. Every morning after a night of incessant snoring, I felt drained of energy. Sure, I was sleeping hard, but it wasn’t quality sleep thanks to snoring.

All throughout the day, I would nod off or become irritable. I had no energy to do anything productive once I got home from work. And by nighttime, I was repeating the cycle of snoring and bad sleep all over again. I finally realized that if I really wanted to break this cycle, the snoring had to go!

On a whim, I tried Theravent® and could not be happier that I did. What was only meant as an effort to stop my snoring actually ended up being a life changer. Without snoring, I was able to get quality sleep at night. Sleeping better at night has given me the energy to do so much more during the day. I’m more attentive at work. I’m less short-tempered. I even have the energy make it to the gym before heading home. I’m an all-around more involved and happier person now.

Theravent® did more than stop my snoring. It’s given me the quality sleep I needed, and in turn,  gave me the quality of life I’d lost.