Theravent Review: Carlos F – “It gives me peace of mind…”

Carlos F: I gained a lot of weight the last few years so my snoring got a little bit louder. In the middle of the night my wife would butt me or she would shake the bed or she would do something just to wake me up or turnover. She was grumpy in the morning and I realized it was because she was not getting a good night sleep.

Now that I have been using Theravent my relationship with my wife has been a lot better, she has been able to sleep easier in the evenings. Theravent is very inexpensive they have it on auto deliver so every month, you just expect a little box to come in the mail you don’t need a prescription for it, it is very easy you don’t have to pick up the phone you don’t have to go online and reorder them.

I started noticing when I would use Theravent I actually felt more energetic in the morning I would go to the gym wide awake, I was waking up a little bit earlier. I love Theravent because it gives me peace of mind that my wife is sleeping and that she is not going to kick me out of the bed anymore, she is finally getting some good night sleep and she is not having to wear ear plugs in the middle of the night.

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