Liz’s husband snores. Lately, his snoring has gotten much worse. Read their compelling testimonial.

My husband uses Theravent and it has worked really well for us. In the past three years or so, his snoring has gotten much worse. We’ve tried everything, including nasal strips, a humidifier, changing sleeping positions – nothing worked. I’m a light sleeper and if I get awakened during the night due to his snoring, I don’t get back to sleep for hours. It got to the point where we had to sleep in separate rooms just so I could get some rest. It really had a negative effect on my life. I was tired all the time, and it caused some tension in our relationship. I had heard of Provent, so I did some research and came across the trial. I ordered the trial size for my husband– we had nothing to lose.

It didn’t take long to start working. We expected it to take a couple of weeks and it was only a few days before there was a difference. The only challenge is that it has to be put on very precisely. If it’s on too tight, he’ll take it off during the night. If it’s on too loosely, he’ll lose it. But if he doesn’t have it on, he goes back to his regular snoring.

It’s worth trying. We’re sleeping in the same room again. It’s like being married again, when before it was almost like having a roommate. For us, it’s made a really big difference.

– Liz K.

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