Julie’s husband was frustrated about her snoring. She tried Theravent and it solved her snoring problem. Read her testimonial.

I had read a National Sleep Foundation survey which found that nearly one in four couples in the United States sleeps in separate bedrooms, a number that has more than doubled in just the last few years. I refused to become one of these statistics, after repeated requests from my husband to “do something” about my snoring so “he” could get a good night’s sleep. Little did he realize that neither of us was getting any sleep, as he constantly awoke me to tell me he couldn’t sleep.

Finally, Theravent came along. Now both of us get a great night’s sleep. I won’t sleep without Theravent! And it’s so easy to use. Thank you Theravent from both of us! If you want a good night’s sleep, try Theravent! You will be glad you did.

– Julie C.

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