Rick tried everything to stop snoring, but Theravent works … it just works.

Rick N: My girlfriend was having problems sleeping through the night with me and I had…they call it snoring surgery…UPPP which is Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, where they go in and hack away your uvular your soft pharynx. It is incredibly painful. It mitigated the problem to a degree for a while but the solution was transient and eventually you know I am back where I started, I tried every possible solutions.

I ended up sowing tennis balls; you know when you sow tennis balls on the back of you T-shirt you pajamas so theoretically when you lay on your back you have an uncomfortable thing you roll over right and it is crazy it does not work.

And my girlfriend is a very sensitive sleeper she would wake me up with a hot in the ribs and I would spend the rest of my night laying there trying not to fall asleep which is not what you are supposed to be doing in bed right. I would lay there and I would try to stay awake out of a consideration for her.

My life has been much improved since I have been using Theravent, I mean it is hard to really quantify it because as I said it colors everything, if you don’t sleep everything is bad and it I just crazy that now for the first time, this actually the first time in my adult life I am sleeping through the night without waking up, I wake up rested, I wake up with fewer bruises from being told hey roll over you are snoring. In a world of quasi solutions and miss begotten remedies and failed attempts it works it just works.

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