The easiest solution was the most effective one.RICK

I thought I’d tried everything in the book to stop snoring. After years of snoring, you just start getting used to having to shop around for snoring aids. And more than that, you get used to getting disappointed by a product. Sure, it may work for a couple of weeks. But in the end, the effectiveness wears off and the snoring returns.

When I learned about Theravent®, I admit that I was skeptical. Where were the wires? Where was the headgear? How was it even supposed to stop my snoring? I’d tried far more elaborate-looking snoring devices and none of them worked.

After using it, I realized how wrong I was about Theravent®. For the first time in my adult life, I’d found a snoring solution that actually works. Even better, it didn’t take half of the effort as some of the other solutions I’d tried previously. It has an effortless design, because it doesn’t need to be complex to be successful. In a world of quasi solutions, misbegotten remedies and failed attempts, it works. It just works.